Paul playing at the Feathers in Ludlow

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Paul has composed and recorded five solo albums over the past 10 years covering a range of periods and styles including folk, rock, jazz and blues. He is currently recording his 5th album of original lute style pieces, inspired by his move to Shropshire, that will be available soon.
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MerseyBeatUp (2006)

This album takes me back to where I started, sitting on a Vox AC30 amplifier, listening to beat group "The Beatcats" rehearsing sometime between 1960 to 1963. Growing up in the beat group era had a strong influence on my music. MerseyBeatUps's retro feel captures the raw quality of a period when strong composition was foremost.

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Splinters of Ice (single)

This song tells of a rocky relationship between two people who would be better off apart, and they have been round long enough to know it!! They met in the heady days of ‘the summer of love’ and have become an anachronism.

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Horses, Fire & Steam (1996)

‘Horses, Fire & Steam’ is a social history in songs, written in the manner of a medieval book of gestes. It charts the English social scene from its early 20th century rural roots through two world wars, post war austerity Britain, followed by the explosion of the rock and roll era.

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Saracen Dance

This is a collection of ‘lute’ style pieces played on guitar. The lute is so quiet and tricky to tune it seemed practical to use the more robust guitar which would be suitable for live performance. The overall feel is of 17th century England with its ribald humour and rapier like wit, both hinted at in the titles of the pieces.

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Pipesmoke & Powder Kegs

This album is another in the genre of what I call my ‘medieval English, folk rock style’. Like ‘Horses Fire and Steam’, ‘Priory Knight’, and ‘Saracen Dance’, it is influenced by Gryphon, Amazing Blondel, David Munrow, Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention, and Jethro Tull.
I now feel I have said most of what I need to say in this genre.

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Priory Knight (1996)

'Priory Knight' was composed and recorded to coincide with Paul's performance at Birkenhead's 12th Century Priory,hence the play-on-words of the title. The concert was part of the Wirral International Guitar Festival in 1996.

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